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I like the community feel we get together every week to just talk about flying.  It is hard , with lay people to really get deep into subjects that matter to pilots.  The more the better .  Come on out and meet us. We need your thoughts.

Debra Ward

I like the choice of planes and panel variety.  I have wanted to learn the high tech navs and we have them.  And I hear there are more planes on the way !!

Adam Kant

I have 3 planes to choose.  If I just want to get up for a little while I will take the Sky Catcher up and punch holes in the sky.  Maybe I'll just go for lunch.

Neal McConochie

I was looking at buying an older aircraft and hoping to maybe lease it back to the school here are TYQ  The planes where 1946 pacers or Cessna 140.  The price was going to be minimum $20,000 to $30,000 to purchase.  The comes the hangar, then annuals. Then if anything broke, well, that's on me too.  With Eagle club.  I bought into several current planes for less that than the cost of a vintage plane with potential gremlins and then I now save $100 per hour.  No monthly dues.  The only risk is the potential of a small assesment in the winter spread over each of the members. And inspections and repairs are covered

What do you need to learn to make you a better pilot.  do you need to have contact with ATC or learn about weather, learn the new technology Ipad nav. Garmin products, Simmmulator.  Tell us what you are thinking and we will dig up industry professionals to shed light on those subject.  \

My personal is evaluating "go/no go /waite for and hour"with regard to weather.

I want to really evaluate weather and get an initial set of mins.

I want a reason to go someplace to use my skills.  community would help me do that.  Lunch is fun but vacation, seminar, museum, workshop would be better.

Lunch with ATC.  Lunch with the FAA

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