Cost of Membership

There are three categories of cost associated with club membership


(1) the one-time equity buy-in,

(2) the monthly club dues, and

(3) the hourly aircraft rates.  


Each are described in detail below.


Eagle Flyer’s membership prices, monthly dues, and hourly rates are established to ensure the club’s financial success while providing very affordable flying opportunities.  For a fraction of what it would cost to own and maintain your own airplane, you can have access to 4 great airplanes;  two 172’s (with 180HP, weather, traffic & 3 axis autopilots) a high-performance advanced 182 with Aspen Pro 1000 instrument package & 1,320 lb. gross payload  and a 162 Sky-Catcher the clubs Ariel Go-Kart.  


Please contact Carl Winkler for current membership prices.


Equity Buy-In (A limited number for a limited time new memberships are available with the Equity buy-in included in the monthly club dues.)

Each Eagle Flyer’s member is a share owner in the club and all the clubs assets.  Our club value calculated by 125 units x $25/unit = buy in $3,125.  An equity share is an asset that belongs to the member; an Eagle Flyer’s member may place his or her share up for sale at any time.


Monthly Club Dues


Eagle Flyer’s members pay monthly dues; currently $160.00 per month.  (A limited number of new memberships are available with the Equity buy-in included in the monthly club dues at the $160 rate.)

The Monthly Dues are due and payable on the 1st OR 15th of every month, and dues that remain unpaid as of the 25th of the month are considered late and a 10% penalty is applied.  Monthly dues are used to pay fixed costs such as hangar rental, insurance premiums, etc.  Excess funds from the monthly club dues are also saved and used over the longer term to cover things like avionics upgrades and even new aircraft procurements.

Hourly Aircraft Rates


The hourly aircraft rates are “wet” rates (meaning that they include the oil and fuel used), so these rates fluctuate with changing fuel prices from month to month.  The hourly rates also include engine and propeller overhaul allowances, annual inspection allowances, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, etc.

The tables below are updated to reflect the hourly aircraft rates and maximum fuel price.   These rates are also variable from aircraft to aircraft. Each aircraft is equipped with a Hobbs meter that totalizes the time that the engine is running. The Hobbs meter reading is rounded to the nearest 1/10th hour to calculate hourly charges.  The current rates for each aircraft are listed below.