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Eagle Flyers I LLC , expanded its fleet with N66LY an additional Cessna 172SP.

We are pleased to announce that N66LY is now in our fleet at First Wing Flight.


We bought N66LY in Salt Lake City after an extensive pre buy inspection.


We flew N66LY through the Rocky Mountains.

Lynx 3 9000 transponder.  The Lynx is a touch screen unit with ADS-B in and out for maximum flight safety.  N66LY with the Lynx has traffic and weather.  It will wifi with all tablets iPad android etc. and interface with ForeFlight.

  • N66LY Cessna 172SP  837 lbs. Useful Load

  • NAV II


  • KX 165 Nav Com with Glide Slope


  • KX 165 Nav Com


  • KLN94 coupled to KX550 MFD with ADSB weather

  • KAP 140 with Preselect Altitude

  • The Lynx 3 9000 ADS-B In/Out

  • Eagle Flyers I LLC owners fly N66LY at $135/hr wet.

  • N66LY is in the First Wing Flight rental fleet at $180 per hr. wet.


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