We Are Eagle Flyers I, LLC.  Welcome to the easiest way to get you flying and keep you flying !

How would it feel to reduce the cost of your flying and at the same time reduce the management stress of inspections, repairs and hangars?

With a minimal investment your hourly cost is reduced by as much as 25% and you get access to several aircraft.

We are perfect for the pilot who wants to make flying a permanent part of his or her life. The pilot that fly’s 50 hours per year will recover his investment is just a couple of years. 

Our 172's rent for $175 per hour.  An Eagle I member flies the 172's for $130 per hour. That's a $45 savings which recovers your investment quickly in about 75 hours.

For example our 182 rents for $205 per hour.  An Eagle I member flies the 182 for $95 per hour dry with average fuel cost of $65.  That's a $45 savings which recovers your investment quickly in about 65 hours.

We are also perfect for student pilot who intends to make flying part of his or her life.  Many of our members look back on their rental cost during training and realize they would have paid for their share in savings.

Eagle Members with 4 available Aircraft enjoy first right of scheduling for 208 weekends and weeks of cross  country flying.


Eagle Flyers I LLC

11329 East State Road 32

Zionsville, IN 46077

CarlJ Winkler@gmail.com  

Mobile 317-281-6008 Call or Text

Office 317-769-4487

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